A community project that gives disposable cameras to some of the thousands of individuals experiencing homelessness in Hong Kong. These are the photos that they captured and the stories they want to share.

Inspired by a creative initiative launched by Cafe Art in London in early 2015, Our City, My Story hopes to connect people affected by homelessness in Hong Kong with the wider community through photography. 

In a city where time is money, it has become a habit to accept the reality of homelessness through stigmatic generalisations and stereotypes, marking these individuals with overarching anonymity and invisibility. Every day, they remain unseen as passersby accept their existence out on the streets.

Through an outreach program over the course of 7 months, a group of individuals experiencing life on the streets in Hong Kong were approached to be participants in the project. Through their valuable contribution of photos they captured and reflective stories, the project hopes to collectively humanise and communicate the reality of homelessness in Hong Kong, bringing to life another side of these individuals that our society does not often get the chance to see. 

To learn more about homelessness in Hong Kong and how you could help, please visit our 'Act' page.